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Malik Al Wadi

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  • Hibbati Jablah Malik Al Wadi
    408 - Al-Raqqa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Website http://malikalwadi.com/

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The Best Solution for all Textile & Blankets | Towels & Linens | Readymade Garments | Shoes | Babywear & Underwear

Since more than 40 years, Malik Al Wadi is operating in the textile market and trader.  As years go by, the range of produced textiles has been increased, besides the regular production became the largest exporter.

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Textile is an umbrella term that includes various fiber-based materials, including fibers, yarns, filaments, threads, different fabric types, etc. At first, the word “textiles” only referred to woven fabrics. However, weaving is not the only manufacturing method, and many other methods were later developed to form textile structures based on their intended use. Knitting and non-woven are other popular types of fabric manufacturing. Geotextiles, industrial textiles, medical textiles, and many other areas are examples of technical textiles, whereas clothing and furnishings are examples of consumer textiles. Each component of a textile product, including fiber, yarn, fabric, processing, and finishing, affects the final product.

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Rawalpora Yayil, Al-Mehdi Colony, Srinagar-05, J&K, IN